me_polimerized I am Alessandro, founder of AleDesign and passionate about giving shape to ideas. My creations aim to help entrepreneurs and visual teasers to visually speak loud.

We can achieve a great design by working together. I provide support and guidance by looking for a stimulating dialogue and a fruitful brainstorming. My technical skills will corroborate our ideas.

Curious about my designs? Please take a look at my portfolio.

Working Steps:

  1. Get in touch by filling in a form so that you can explain me some basic ideas of the product that you have in mind by clicking here.
  2. I will contact you within three working days to arrange a meeting in person or a Skype call in order to further talk about your idea and check whether I will accept the job. Furthermore, we will set up some deadlines, we will decide how our relationship will eventually go further, and we will talk about the contract between the two parties.
  3. If step 2. is successful, I will think about some mock ups and I will get in touch with you again to talk about my suggestions.
  4. After some reviews and comments, we will converge to a product that will satisfy both you and me.